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2017/2018 - Gaming in Depth with Bill Snodgrass
Season  Episode  Title Listen  Length  Air Date  Topics
1 8 Gaming in Depth with Bill Snodgrass - Dead Suns and Ruins of Azlant - EP8 14:50 March 16, 2018 This episode Bill Snodgrass covers the first campaign for Starfinder, "Dead Suns" and the Pathfinder campaign "Ruins of Azlant". Bill also talks about his opinion of Monster Hunter World after putting in over 200 hours of game play. Snodgrass, Bill.
1 7 Gaming in Depth with Bill Snodgrass - Ultimate Wilderness & Battle Chasers - EP7 15:25 February 23, 2018 In this episode Bill Snodgrass covers the Pathfinder supplement Ultimate Wilderness and all the natural goodness it offers to players. Music for this episode is "Force of Nature" by Miracle of Sound. Snodgrass, Bill.
1 6 User Friendly Games with Bill Snodgrass - Triten Gaming System - EP6 24m 25s January 17, 2018 Join us as we have our first interview on User Friendly Games, where we talk with game creator David Prizio about his new fantasy tabletop roleplaying game, Triten Gaming System. This all in one book system includes everything from character creation, rules, magic, and even a full bestiary. It brings a unique system of character creation and combat to the tabletop stage. You can find more info and how to order this new system at Snodgrass, Bill.
1 5 User Friendly Games with Bill Snodgrass - Xanathar's Guide to Everything EP5 7m 38s December 16, 2017 This short episode Bill covers Xanathar's Guide to Everything for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Music is "Halfling Camp Cover" by Looloobug01. Snodgrass, Bill - Host.
1 4 User Friendly Games Episode 4 20m 53s November 14, 2017 Join Bill Snodgrass as he gives a short review and opinions on Starfinder, the newest tabletop RPG from Paizo Publishing, along with the recently released Starfinder: Alien Archive.
1 3 User Friendly Games Episode 3 28m 44s September 5, 2017 News about Atari, a quick review of Razer Diamondback gaming mice, Shadow Tactics: Blade of the Shogun, Agents of Mayhem, and the Critical Role Campaign Guide for D&D 5e.
1 2 Valkria and D&D 40m 08s July 19, 2017 Join Bill Snodgrass for an in depth look at "Valkyria Chronicles" on PC and an extended review of "Valkyria Revolution" for PS4. Also I open the recently released book by Wizards of the Coast,- Dungeons & Dragons 5e "Tales from the Yawning Portal" and dive into Phase 3 the Beta of theD&D "Beyond" online application.
1 1 Adventure Games 17m 53s May 18, 2017 Join Bill Snodgrass as he dives into Adventure games