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The User Friendly Show is dedicated to those that love everything technology and dream of how that tech will improve and change their lives.
Spring 2018 - User Friendly Season 6 - 1 Hour Format.
Season  Episode  Title Listen  Length  Air Date  Topics
6 6 The Fandemic Tour 55:39 April 20, 2018 Fandemic CEO John Macaluso joins us to talk about what goes into a Comic Con - from production to celebrities. Learn about who we will see at Sacramento in June. Also this week we talk about house and car tech and take a look at the "Rampage" movie.
6 5 Actors, Astronauts & Astrophysicists, Oh My! Live from Silicon Valley Comic Con! 48:48 April 12, 2018 Join us live from the floor of Steve Wozniak's Silicon Valley Comic Con!
6 4 Silicon Valley Tech News 53:45 April 4, 2018 Join us this week before our live show from Steve Wozniak's Silicon Valley Comic Con as we take a look at the latest news from this innovative part of California. Sikkens William, Winkler Gretchen, Winkler Jeremy. Edited by Bill Snodgrass.
6 3 The Dark Side of Tech 45:51 March 16, 2018 This weeks episode dives into the recent failures of Alexa and Smart Things - what happened? Also a review of Canto Bright (Book), A Wrinkle in Time and Black Panther (Movies) We also remember Dr. Hawking who left us this week. Sikkens William, Winkler Gretchen, Winkler Jeremy, Wolcott Gary. Edited by Bill Snodgrass.
6 2 Seattle Busted 53:58 March 9, 2018 Join us this week to find out what happened on our trip to Seattle. Our Mr. Movie gives his take on the Oscars. We look at the new Samsung Galaxy phone as well as the rumors around the Sony Playstation 5. In addition we discuss model building and upcoming events. Sikkens William, Winkler Gretchen, Winkler Jeremy, Wolcott Gary. Edited by Bill Snodgrass.
6 1 Technology Overload 51:13 March 3, 2018 In our Season 6 opener our Mr. Movie interviews the hero's from the movie "The 15:17 to Paris". We discuss several issues with new technology and talk about what's coming up for this year.
2018 - KXL Radio - Morning News with Steve and Rebecca
Season Episode Title Listen Air Date Topics
5 10 Informed Delivery by USPS Click for article
April 20, 2018 The Postal Service has launched a new service called "Informed Delivery". You can now see your mail before it's in your box! Listen for details.
5 9 Cell Phone Hacking in D.C.... And Nationwide April 6, 2018 The hackers are ramping up their game with cell phone simulators. They can intercept your call and data stream. Listen for details.
5 8 Facebook Data Share March 30, 2018 Facebook is having a bad week. Join us to hear about what is happening in the latest disclosure of your personal data.
5 7 Windows 98... 20 Years Later Click for article
March 16, 2018 Join us for a look back at this version of Windows that changed how many of us use the computer.
5 6 Tax (Scammer) Season Click for article
March 2, 2018 It Tax (Scammer) Season! Listen today to learn about how the criminals are trying to steal YOUR tax refund and how to protect yourself.
5 5 Social Media Click for article
February 18, 2018 Social Media is a part of life. See how it effect us, crimes like this week's school shooting and how Facebook is changing to combat fake accounts.
5 4 Super Bowl Super Tech February 2, 2018 Super Bowl 52 is this weekend and tech is a very large part of the presentation. From 4k HD and 3D Instant Replay to a custom mobile network installed at the US Bank Stadium we are ready for a state of the art presentation. Join me today to find out the details!
5 3 Stopping those annoying web ads Click for article
January 26, 2018 You probably have been browsing the web just to have one of those annoying ads start screaming at you. Join us today to find out how to end this.
5 2 Amazon Go Opens In Seattle Click for article January 22, 2018 Amazon Go, a new store concept with no checkouts, opens to the public today. Join us for the details on Amazon's latest entry into the brick and mortar game.
5 1 Iran Tries To Block The Internet Click for article
January 12, 2018 KXL Morning News - Iran is trying to block the Internet in their country to avoid protests. It isn't working and actually causing them to lose what control they have.