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The User Friendly Show is dedicated to those that love everything technology and dream of how that tech will improve and change their lives.
2017 - User Friendly Season 4 - 1 Hour Format
Season  Episode  Title Listen  Length  Air Date  Topics
4 11 Live from Wizard World and Hydra Will be available online June 23, 2017 54m 52s June 20, 2017 Join us this week as we air live from not one but two comic cons. Live coverage and interviews from the Wizard World Sacramento convention as well as Hydracon in San Jose. Also the latest on the upcoming iPhone and 5G networks.
4 10 Keeping Cool in Cosplay 53m 44s June 13, 2017 Join us this week for a look at the DocuSign hack and what it means to you. Also Mr. Movie reviews "The Mummy" and Chaz presents "Veterans and Technology".
4 9 Xbox Streaming and Cosplay 50m 44s June 6, 2017 This weeks episode includes live content from the BLFC convention and the Epic Crawl and Lightsaber Battle. Join us for a look at both of these events. In the technology world Microsoft is bringing video game streaming to the Xbox. What does this technology mean for you? In addition, Mr. Movie joins us for a mega review on 4 films.
4 8 Google I/O and ComicCon 51m 23s May 30, 2017 Join is this week for coverage of the 10th Google I/O Conference. Warky will be joining us from San Jose to cover 2 conventions - an Anime and a comic convention with a cosplayer interview.
4 7 The Internet Of Things - success and flops 51m 02s May 23, 2017 This week staff reporter Warky Nunez will cover the Internet of Things Expo in Silicon Valley. Also join us for a look back at tech flops of the past 18 months. Plus Mr. Movie reviews "Alien: Convenant" and Game Report Bill Snodgrass talks about the new "Gaming In Depth" podcast.
4 6 Inside LightSabers and ComicCons 54m 5s May 16, 2017 Join us for a review of light sabers ranging from toys to thousands of dollars. Our guest this week is Tanglwyst de Holloway who discusses the Snake River Comic Con - the expected guests and details on putting the Con together.
4 6a Video Podcast: Inside LightSabers and ComicCons Click to View 21m 5s May 16, 2017 Video Podcast for Light Saber section of episode 6.
4 5 Home Tech and Nerd Core 50m 42s May 9, 2017 Join us this week as our own Mr. Movie reviews "Guardian's of the Galaxy, Vol 2". Also a visit to the Channel Partners Conference in Las Vegas, technology for your pets and a complete review of the Google Hack. Plus, Da Real Word Sound joins us to talk about Nerd Core Rap.
4 4 May the 4th be with you 51m 24s May 3, 2017 May the 4th be with you! Join us for news on the new Android update “Nougat”, 3D Scanners, Home Automation, Auto Drive and an inside view of game programming from Preston Cowley. Mr. Movie Gary Wolcott reviews “La La Land”.
4 3 Silicon Valley Comic Con 42m 11s April 23, 2017 Live from 2017 Silicon Valley Comic Con!
4 2 Voice Acting 50m 50s April 16, 2017 Voice actors Warky Nunez (SAG Actor) and Daniel McCray (WOW Voice Actress) join us to talk about their craft. Also Bill Snodgrass reviews Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4 and team discusses registration for San Diego ComicCon.
4 1 Technology Cosplay and Games 66m 23s April 9, 2017 Our new gamer host Bill Snodgrass reviews the new Dungeons and Dragons "Volo's Guide to Monsters". Discussion of the construction and technology behind cosplay props including the making of Star Wars Universe Mandalorian Pistol props and the head for the Wookiee "Gungi"
2017 - KXL CBS Radio - Morning News with Steve and Rebecca
Season Episode Title Listen Air Date Topics
4 11 Video Game Streaming June 2, 2017 KXL Morning News - Microsoft is bringing video game streaming to the Xbox - what does this mean for you?
4 10 Android May 19, 2017 KXL Morning News - Android now runs 8/10 smartphones - but how do you get the newest version?
4 9 Gone Phisin' May 5, 2017 KXL Morning News - When Hackers Attack - Google is the latest to be hit by an old scam - the "phising" e-mail. Learn how to protect yourself.
4 8 Your headphones.. are watching you April 21, 2017 KXL Morning News - Bose and Google collect your data - learn how to see what they are storing and how to delete it.
4 7 YouTube TV Track Not Available April 7, 2017 KXL Morning News - Learn about the YouTube TV - and how you can cut the cord once and for all.
4 6 Hacking the Grid March 24, 2017 KXL Morning News - Discussion of the power grid and North Korean threats of attack
4 5 No 911 Track Not Available March 10, 2017 What to do when 911 doesn't work. Join us for details on the nation AT&T 911 outage.
4 4 5 Geeze February 24, 2017 KXL Morning News - What is 5G Wireless - tune in to learn!
4 3 Hacking the Presidency February 10, 2017 KXL Morning News - Over 70% of the Washington D.C. Security Cameras were hacked 3 days before the inauguration.
4 2 The Inauguration Track Not Available January 20, 2017 Inauguration coverage live from Washington DC
4 1 App Developer Track Not Available January 5, 2017 KXL Morning News - What is an "app developer"? Listen today for details on this exciting industry.
2016 - KXL CBS Radio - Morning News with Steve and Rebecca
Season Episode Title Listen Air Date Topics
3 21 VR For the Holidays December 9, 2016 KXL Morning News - Join us for a review of the new Virtual Reality devices for the holidays this year.
3 20 Cord Cutters November 11, 2016 KXL Morning News - Learn how to get live pay TV at a fraction of the cost - and say goodbye to your cable provider in the process.
3 18 911 Nonsense October 28, 2016 KXL Morning News - Fake 911 calls stream into a call center from a Facebook link - don't let this happen to you!
3 17 Mouth to Ear October 14, 2016 KXL Morning News - With 2016 being the year of the hacks, what is a secure way to communicate?
3 16 The Battery Blowups, Part Two September 16, 2016 KXL Morning News - Samsung Note 7 is still hot - a little too hot. Today we have the latest on the recall and exploding phones.
3 15 The Battery Blowups, Part One September 2, 2016 KXL Morning News - Samsung Note - about the recall and exploding devices.
3 12 Yahoo! July 22, 2016 KXL Morning News - What do the changes with Yahoo! and Verizon mean for you?
3 11 High Tech Car Theft July 8, 2016 KXL Morning News - Car Thieves can now steel your wheels without a screwdriver. Learn how to protect yourself.
3 9 It's not free for long June 24, 2016 KXL Morning News - Windows 10 will only be a free upgrade for another week - get it while you can!
3 8 Floppy Nukes May 27, 2016 KXL Morning News - The Nuclear Launch computers are so old they still use floppy discs. Join us today for details and how this could effect you.
3 7 Smart Phones Dumb Terminal Track Not Available May 13, 2016 KXL Morning News - A look at Smart Phones - some are smarter than others.
3 6 Smart Card Dumb Terminal April 15, 2015 KXL Morning News - Our topics today include the new SMART/CHIP cards - is it all worth it?
3 5 Laptop Reviews Track Not Available April 8, 2016 KXL Morning News - Join us for a review of the newest laptop technology for this year.
3 4 U.S. Loses Control Track Not Available April 1, 2016 KXL Morning News - We discuss the United States giving up control of the Internet.
3 3 Infrastructure Threatened Track Not Available March 21, 2016 KXL Morning News - Topics include hacks on a dam and the nations infustructure
3 2 Digital Attack! Track Not Available March 11, 2016 KXL Morning News - Topics include the digital attack of Nissan and Donald Trumps website and networks
3 1 Windows 10 Track Not Available March 11, 2016 KXL Morning News