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The User Friendly Show is dedicated to those that love everything technology and dream of how that tech will improve and change their lives.
Spring 2019 - User Friendly Season 7 - Radio/Podcast Format.
Season  Episode  Title Listen  Length  Air Date  Topics
7 1 Wizard World Portland 2019 25:04 March 15, 2019 Join us for LIVE on the floor coverage of the Portland Wizard World Comic Con!
Spring 2018 - User Friendly Season 6 - 1 Hour Format.
Season  Episode  Title Listen  Length  Air Date  Topics
6 15 Black Hat 2018 26:42 August 18, 2018 This week is a special edition show covering Black Hat 2018. Las Vegas Reporter Chaz Wellington attends the show and delivers interviews from the floor.
6 14 Comic Con International 2018 72:01 July 28, 2018 LIVE from San Diego Comic Con 2018!
6 13 Antman, Cowboys and Hacking 50:27 July 12, 2018 Join us this week as we prepare for the San Diego Comic Con. And with the topic of conventions we interview the producers of the Cowboy Con in Las Vegas and Reno Nevada. Technology covers the Exacts Data Breach and Moviepass. Mr. Movie covers this summers blockbusters including Antman and the Wasp.
6 12 Privacy Where No One Has Gone Before 57:01 June 22, 2018 This week we take a look at why all your privacy agreements have been updated as well as changes coming from new copyright laws. Star Trek has announced updates for the franchise including 4 new projects. We also look at the "free" smart thermostats being offered by the power companies and what strings are attached. Electric lawn mowers are reviewed.
6 11 Phil Ortiz and the Animation of the Simpsons 54:02 June 15, 2018 Join us this week with our celebrity guest Phil Ortiz. Phil brings 30 years experience as a professional animator as well as background design supervisor for the Simpsons. Also this week we take a look at hiring and working with programmers and Mr. Movie reviews "Incredibles 2".
6 10 Cyber Secure 52:34 May 25, 2018 This week we have the return of a feature from our first and second season - "I Hate Technology" with Gary Wolcott. Have you ever had issues with customer service from a tech company? We have and we talk about it. We also discuss "Infinity War Part 1" and the live theater play "The Watson Intelligence".
Reporter Chaz Wellington interviews our special guest this week, Mr. Chase Norlin, CEO of Transmosis. He tells us about how to get into the cyber security field and some special opportunities for our Veterans.
6 9 Furries! 59:46 May 18, 2018 This week show is a look at the Furry Fandom and a story about everyone coming together to help a little 9 year old Tiger. Also this week Mr. Movie reviews "Deadpool 2" and we look at this weeks tech news.
6 8 Google 60:38 May 9, 2018 Join us this week for a complete report on all the new products being introduced at Google I/O. This is the year of artificial intelligence. Also this week a review of the Admiral Thrawn and Legends Trilogy and a look at why Twitter asked you to change your password. Finally the team visits a "May the 4th" party - and one of our hosts takes first place in the costume contest!
6 7 Mobile World Congress 55:22 April 26, 2018 Join us this week for a look at the new tech from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. We also look at the role of a tech freelancer and how to become one as well as the new service from Amazon to deliver to your home and car when you aren't there.
6 6 The Fandemic Tour 55:39 April 20, 2018 Fandemic CEO John Macaluso joins us to talk about what goes into a Comic Con - from production to celebrities. Learn about who we will see at Sacramento in June. Also this week we talk about house and car tech and take a look at the "Rampage" movie.
6 5 Actors, Astronauts & Astrophysicists, Oh My! Live from Silicon Valley Comic Con! 48:48 April 12, 2018 Join us live from the floor of Steve Wozniak's Silicon Valley Comic Con!
6 4 Silicon Valley Tech News 53:45 April 4, 2018 Join us this week before our live show from Steve Wozniak's Silicon Valley Comic Con as we take a look at the latest news from this innovative part of California. Sikkens William, Winkler Gretchen, Winkler Jeremy. Edited by Bill Snodgrass.
6 3 The Dark Side of Tech 45:51 March 16, 2018 This weeks episode dives into the recent failures of Alexa and Smart Things - what happened? Also a review of Canto Bright (Book), A Wrinkle in Time and Black Panther (Movies) We also remember Dr. Hawking who left us this week. Sikkens William, Winkler Gretchen, Winkler Jeremy, Wolcott Gary. Edited by Bill Snodgrass.
6 2 Seattle Busted 53:58 March 9, 2018 Join us this week to find out what happened on our trip to Seattle. Our Mr. Movie gives his take on the Oscars. We look at the new Samsung Galaxy phone as well as the rumors around the Sony Playstation 5. In addition we discuss model building and upcoming events. Sikkens William, Winkler Gretchen, Winkler Jeremy, Wolcott Gary. Edited by Bill Snodgrass.
6 1 Technology Overload 51:13 March 3, 2018 In our Season 6 opener our Mr. Movie interviews the hero's from the movie "The 15:17 to Paris". We discuss several issues with new technology and talk about what's coming up for this year.
Around the House with Eric G
Part Episode Title Listen Air Date Topics
1 566 Smart Homes Click for article
December 1, 2018 12:00 Noon PST What to expect when setting up a tech savvy home automation system.
2 566 Smart Homes Click for article
December 1, 2018 1:00 PM PST How home automation can help the elderly.